Quay Arts, Newport, IOW
8th April 2017

Richard Long - ahead of 'the Isle of Wight as six walks', Richard Long discusses his work past and present with Les Buckingham, former Director at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth. We go to the Quay for a very special audience...

Turner Prize winning artist and Britain’s leading figure in Land Art, Richard Long presents a series of photographic and text works as well as a monumental floor installation made from flint - on lone from Southampton Art Gallery. Spanning over four decades and presenting a variety of locations – England, Wales, Africa, Nepal and Bolivia, he is an artist who embarks on long distance walks to create his work and was even once drawn to the Isle of Wight. A never-before seen vinyl text installation ‘The Isle of Wight as Six Walks’ 1982, from which the exhibition takes it name, is on display representing coast to coast walks by roads and paths on the Isle of Wight, as well as a bespoke ‘wall drawing’ using local mud from the River Medina.

What a treat to be able to listen to a true art legend in conversation at our local Art Gallery. We got to know the artist behind the concepts and it was super to be part of an audience that contained so many important IoW artists and creatives. The Quay is going from strength-to-strength, it's really stepped up. It's become a vibrant and well used hub for the local artistic community. Richard long's show is beautiful and has been getting plenty positive feed back, it can only help to raise the profile of our favorite Island art space.

I have always been curious about the work of Richard Long. He is an intriguing character. I find his works memorable and satisfying. Photographic works capture the essence of his conceptual journeys and his interactions with the natural world beautifully. His arrangements of found material translate well into the gallery. Structure and layout, form and detail are strong. The mud line painting created with local river mud is a stunning piece. It has depth, movement and fluidity... I hope the Quay find a way to preserve it on the gallery wall past the exhibitions run...

The Isle of Wight as Six Walks - 1982 

I am left with questions: Is Richard Long on a journey to bring order to our natural world? His use of mathematical structure suggest he is attempting to constrain and take ownership of the elements? Is he a frustrated graphic designer - surely not?

I don't actually mind what the outcome is... Long may his wonderful journey continue!

Medina Mud Line - 2017 

Wessex Flint Line - 1987 

Mud line detail 

Flint close up

10 out of 10.