White Cube Gallery, London
1st April 2017

Fred Tomaselli - is a visual taxonomist who uses a process of collecting and cataloguing visual data – from newspapers, magazines or field guides to anatomical or botanical illustrations... The resulting artworks are visually stunning and very intriguing...

This show at White Cube - Mason's Yard is entitled 'Paper'. Fred Tomaselli has produced photograms and collages, as well as a series of digital reproductions of the New York Times’ front pages, titled The Times... Can you see where the idea for the title came from? The reproductions feature illustrations drawn on top of the paper’s original images, which are designed to “highlight the tragedy, reality and absurdity of global politics,” says White Cube. Reproductions include a photo of a Ukrainian woman after the Malaysian plane crash carrying a bouquet of flowers that obscures her face, the forms of which Tomaselli has extended with real leaves, paint and a photo-collage pattern that spreads across the entire image.

Other photograms in the exhibition incorporate leaves grown in the artist’s own garden, harvested and then preserved. These flattened leaves are arranged onto photographic paper, which is then exposed to light and developed into photographs. The resulting images are painted over with colourful, hard-edged geometric patterns evoking floral still lifes, which ultimately remind us that nature and beauty persist despite the absurdity and horror of the world.

Thursday, May 12, 2001

Thursday, February 27, 2014 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Portrait of Gregory from Chemical Celestial Portraits - 1995 

Bloom (June 8) - 2016

10 out of 10.